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Agitated Depression
Agitated Depression

Agitated Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Agitated depression – a kind of disorder, which is characterized by a combination of sad, anxious mood with motor and speech excitement.

Agitated Depression
Agitated Depression

Typical symptoms of agitated depression status

  • predicting impending disaster that will affect family members or friends;
  • constant anxiety because of the inability to see or understand the future;
  • a clear idea of ​​the tragedy: “murder”, “car accident”, “plane crash”;
  • monotonous rambling conversation, sound delusions;
  • jerky speech, accompanied by groans, sighs and sobs;
  • disturbing verbigeration – permanent repetition of a word or phrase that expresses concern;
  • agitation – the need for constant movement and frequent change of posture and body position;
  • melancholic raptus – agitation attempts to hurt yourself;
  • mental anesthesia, melancholy, self-abasement;
  • delusional self-incrimination – the patient is confident in his guilt and also talks about her exaggeration;
  • auditory hallucinations;
  • Cotard delusion – delirium, characterized by huge and denial.

The reasons for agitated depression are:

  • loss of self-esteem, or the means by which it is implemented this feeling;
  • remorse, ruin, the loss of high position in society;
  • death of a loved one, breakup;
  • inability to solve the problems that gave rise to narcissism and inflated self-esteem.

Treatment of agitated depression

For the treatment of disorders of this type is used antidepressants – drugs prescribed for depression. They improve the overall health, minimize the frequency and intensity of panic attacks, anxiety, increase vitality and mental activity, increase appetite and normalize sleep. Preparations of this group are assigned primarily to patients with apathetic and melancholy mood, inhibited thinking.

Treatment of agitated depression
Treatment of agitated depression

For the treatment of agitated depression resort to the following antidepressants: imipramine, Anafranil, tsipramil, Prozac, Paxil. For the treatment of disorders of agitated with elements of anxious depression appoint ludiomil, amitriptyline, azafen. In the mild form of the disease of drugs are replaced with St. John’s wort herbal taxes or hypericin.

All these drugs can be taken only after consulting a specialist who will be able to determine the dose and duration of treatment.


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