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Psychic Healing Meditation with a Labyrinth

Psychic readers take on a lot of emotions and negative energies from teaching and reading other people pain.  It is a catch 22, in order for a psychic to tap into what is around you they some times will experience your pain and truamas. So our healing mediations have to be effective and powerful.

The journey of our soul  is separating our self from source and then going on this illusionary journey back to at one-ment with spirit. The Labyrinth is a symbolic way for us to remember we chose this path, and we can find our way back home.

I have had one on my ranch for about 10 years now.  In a prior article I tell the story of how it came to be, how several  different Goddess women helped me to organize it and actualize it. There are 180 stepping stones in my garden as of now. Some of my sister priestess friends and clients bring me beautiful stepping stones for the Labyrinth.

The numerical value of 180 is 9, a powerful number in the universe. It is a number of return. What you send out comes back to you quickly. So the prayers that you pray here are answered fast in my Labyrinth Garden.

The idea of the labyrinth is to have an intention in mind before you begin the walk. It can be an answer to a question you might have on your mind, maybe you desire to feel a connection to spirit. Even healing for a situation going on.

When you begin the walk I light a stick of incense and walk up to the entrance. Stop and make a heart connection to the Labyrinth, send out a prayer for instance ( Goddess Beauty, thank you for hearing my prayers today and helping me solve this situation in a beauty way for all parties concerned.) The main thing here is that you let you heart talk, say what it needs to say. Then begin the walk by stepping on to the first stone or the path. As you are walking the spirals of the Labyrinth send out to the Goddess what is on your mind, this is where you are talking to her spirit.  It is a long walk to the center, you have plenty of time to mull over the thoughts coming across your mind. So let them be verbalized. There is no penalty for saying what needs to be said.    When you get to the center take, a minute to pray and ask for what it is that you think need. I put my incense stick into the ground in the center. The smoke from the incense is a symbolic way to let the elements carry your prayers out to the Universe.  

Now as you are retracing your steps out, you want to let your mind go blank. This is were you let Goddess talk to you. What are the thoughts running through your mind? Be aware of the images that come up, the feelings. You might feel vulnerable. Maybe some tears will flow. You might want to lie down in the garde for a while. That is all fine. Just trust that you have taken your case to the center of the Universe and it will be heard and answered in some fashion. Walk all the way out of the Labyrinth. When you step out of the Labyrinth, turn around and send out your thanks to the spirit of the Labyrinth, the elementals and The Goddess for hearing your prayers and helping how they can.

Then I go some place quite where I can journal or just be aware of the ideas and what I need to do, who I need to talk too so that I can get past whatever is holding me back or keeping me sick. When I made my Labyrinth every single stepping stone was laid down by me and a prayer and blessing was set into it.

 All of them different.(see my marveena web site for the story) All blessings to help us stay on our souls path and be strong enough to master our ego self while on this journey here. So every step you take you are waking up a prayer and activating it in your life. The prayers are there,  all you have to do is be open to receiving them. You can see my 1st article on the creation of the labyrinth here at the Oracle archives.  

If you have questions about this meditation please send me an email.


 MarVeena Meek    

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