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Plastic Deli Containers for Storing Foods

Restaurants and food service stations greatly depend on plastic deli containers for safe storage of food. These storage containers come in a range of attractive models and designs. These products can be sourced from any online store, and can fetch good discounts when bought in bulk. Online shopping is easier as customers can select the products to suit their needs.

Quality Features of Plastic Deli Containers

These attractive containers are ideal storage options for cakes, pies, pastries and other deli foods. Some of the features of the various models of resilient polypropylene plastic deli containers are:
• Strong and durable
• Easy to recycle
• Light-weight and easy to use
• Leak-proof, facilitating safe transport of food like soups, dips and desserts
• Not susceptible to splits and cracks
• Vacuum sealing locks
• Can be refrigerated for long periods
• Wide side ribbing of some models add strength
• Faceted bottoms make them excellent space savers
• Stackable and reusable.

Deli Containers with Lids

Plastic deli containers with hinged lids are great options when you need to store leftover food. The lids attached to the containers help to securely cover the food, and maintain its freshness and flavor for a long time. Food stored in these containers is free from dust, humidity and other external factors. DELItainer round food containers with lid are made of clear polyethylene. They are great for small amounts of leftovers and can conveniently store just about anything from soups to nuts.

Deli containers are generally available as clear transparent, white and black in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz. The clear plastic containers make the food visually attractive so as to easily catch the attention of customers. They are also microwave safe, so that the stored foodstuff can be heated if necessary.

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