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Effective Tips For Writing Sensational Newspaper Articles

1. Go with controversy. If you want your articles to land a good spot on the newspaper that you’re writing for, you must strive to write something that is very controversial. For example, you can write about a senator who was caught doing something inappropriate. This is something that will surely make waves and this is something that will help …

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Why Internet Is Better Than Newspaper

When internet was opened for residential customers, a lot of companies and individuals have gotten so much benefits from it; companies were able to reach worldwide consumers without spending so much and more individuals were given opportunities to become known worldwide. Most importantly, people are able to read updated news online. Others would even join in news forums to have …

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Conventional Newspaper Vs The Internet

Newspapers have been one of the most popular medium for fresh news all around the world. Every locality has its own way of reaching out to people with the use of the conventional newspaper. The fact is, there are billions of people around the globe who are subscribing for the daily papers in their locality. It has been a tradition …

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Six Main Reasons Why People Read Newspaper

The dawn of Internet brought new kind of lifestyle to news readers and subscribers, however, it wasn’t enough to change what others have been used to. More people still subscribe to magazines and daily newspapers for their own reasons. To sum it up, here are the six main reasons why people read newspaper. #1. To Get Latest Updates and News …

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