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Again Cold!
Again Cold!

Again Cold!

Now more than ever pressing question of how to protect the child from the seasonal viral diseases. Pediatricians recommend to approach the problem comprehensively.

In our time, a child – a busy man. He attends kindergarten, and educational circles, is engaged in language and sports. It is clear that in these places the baby communicates with many children. Such communication has a positive side – in fact bring new people into his life a lot of positive emotions. But on the other hand in the process of communication between children is a constant exchange microflora, and what is worse, infections. In damp, chilly weather, this risk increases significantly.

Again Cold!
Again Cold!

To ensure that your child has experienced this unpleasant season without any health problems, parents need to make some efforts. And here are your main helpers:


Good hygiene has not been canceled, and in cold and flu season, they are particularly relevant. As a rule, viruses sick child into the body of a healthy baby by airborne droplets. But this is not the only route of infection! Very often, sneezing, cover children palm mouth, hand wipes snot, and then take the same hand toys. As a result, the same toys to play with and a healthy baby. And the children during and after the game, without washing hands, and can eat a cookie and lick their fingers. And infections in the healthy body!

Therefore, it is important to have from childhood to teach children to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before any meal after the game and walks, and even more so after kindergarten or developmental classes.


Tempering is a whole series of events, which are united by one goal – to boost immunity and reduce the incidence of child diseases.

To hardening benefited, you must follow a few rules:

– Main in hardening and – it is systematic, so once started, the procedure should be repeated every day;

– The duration of the procedures necessary to gradually increase;

seeing-off procedure is better in an entertaining way.

The most simple and effective – a hardening of the air. It includes daily long and active walks in the fresh air, outdoor games, roller skating or cycling. Also, do not forget about the daily airing the room where the child.

Hardening of water is also very accessible and quite effectively. Water treatments enhance immunity and make the child’s body is not susceptible to bad weather and viruses.

Around the age of two, children suffering from loss of appetite or obese, inactive, shown pouring out of the shower. The duration of this procedure is about two minutes, and the water temperature from 36 degrees decreases very gradually once a week by one degree.

Hardening can be carried out by pouring the legs of the baby. Because of this, he gradually gets used to the cold water and stop aching. Such pouring start with 30 degree water, gradually lowering the temperature to 16-18 degrees. After the procedure, be sure to rub the legs pouring crumbs dry towel to light red.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is a lot of aspect concept that includes the mode of the day, and meals. And leisure. Your child should go to bed and get up at the same time, daily walks in the fresh air, get a complete diet food. It is important to limit TV viewing. Immunity to the baby grew stronger, ensure that the diet of foods rich in vitamin C: citrus fruits, currants, cranberries. Be sure to include in child nutrition and dairy products. After all of the intestine depends on strengthening the immune system.


In our country, influenza vaccination is not widespread. Many parents are afraid to vaccinate a child, and yet it is the most effective way to fight the flu. Unfortunately, this measure only protects against certain strains of the virus and does not create a barrier to other infections. Therefore, the flu shot can not be considered universal protection from all SARS.

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