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An App for The Boss
An App for The Boss

An App for The Boss

If you are in the height of the Mobile Web hype when each project ends in an iPhone app? Maybe.

On the subject application writes the free dictionary Wiktionary “Application: celebrating a Mass” and are also referred to as examples of “administering remedies.” “After the application by the nurse, it was much better to me.” And “a box full of applications that were provided on the back with a magnetic layer. “(an early indication of the iPad 2?)

An App for The Boss
An App for The Boss

Obviously, an application – ie an app – something positive. No wonder, then, that everyone wants to have one. Each One? Well, I for example.

But there are also critical voices. Voices that ask. Does it really have an app? Is an iPhone application really what do users? Is this what makes the considered usage context the most sense?

Yes, can it be true? Since it is therefore the head of a large company. Oh, what do you mean business? A group! And you want to have an app. And suddenly, the service comes with a whole catalog totally improper questions: How many users visit their site with a mobile device? What content and functions are most often “mobile” called? What kind of content can be slimmed down or due to a low priority omitted altogether?

Since, therefore, this service comes with his creative team around the corner and wants to once an overview of the various user groups and prioritize them. Suddenly it comes users are familiar with – and learn to understand.

User-centered design, someone says in a telco. The point is to integrate Messages in observation and integration of actual users in the creation process. And now asks another whether they had completely covers all business requirements and how can they best match on the user requirements?

What do you mean business Requieremnts? Did not I already know that I want to have an iPhone app so simple? For my iPhone. For me. To show around!

I will comment on that: should it really be an app or would possibly specialized for a mobile context website better? Mobile Website? What it is not everything.

It advises me time to prioritize features, as on smartphones, the display area is limited. Also, the context of use is supposedly another. The user does not sit comfortably at home on the computer with a cup of coffee on the table while waft from the kitchen first clues as to what will be there for dinner.

No, the mobile user is apparently always on the go. It is available To Go only as the coffee out of the station kiosk.

The mobile user can navigate with one hand while he is on his way to work, to the grocery store or the kindergarten. Always an eye on the traffic. Bound always with an ear to a white cable.

Short activity drawers, environmental data, small games. For more he has no time. Oh, except for any period he also has no mouse. Then the interface of the mobile site should be optimized.

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