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Caring For Children Teeth
Caring For Children Teeth

Caring For Children Teeth

That in the future the child was beautiful and healthy teeth, start taking care of them need from the very first days of life. Only in this way you can avoid this common problem as caries.

Caring For Children Teeth
Caring For Children Teeth

Of course, now cure tooth decay – it’s not a problem. It has long been in all cities of Russia dentistry is at a very high level, and treatment of dental caries in Chelyabinsk and other cities is fast, easy, and very professional.

But in this article we will focus on what needs to be done to avoid this very caries in children! Treatment – is good, but healthy teeth is always better.

Doctors call the three main causes of damage to teeth in young children under the age of 3 years:

  • Malnutrition
  • Difficult birth, pathology during pregnancy
  • Elevated levels of streptococci in the oral cavity
  • Stick to a few rules and your child’s teeth will be healthier.


Is the best source of vitamins for the little man. In addition, breastfeeding will protect the baby from “bottle caries”.

A minimum of sweet

There is a direct correlation between the consumption of sweets and development of caries. Remember that the presence of many sweets in the house – not the best option. Because of all this so hard to refuse! Do not push the baby, and so it will be hard to give up sweets.

Diversify Table

Try to feed your baby those products that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. This can be a cheese containing a large quantity of magnesium can drink goat’s milk rich in fluorine and calcium. Irreplaceable and marine fish, containing a lot of zinc.

Oral Hygiene

Of course, you have to teach your child to brush their teeth properly. However, do not forget to monitor the process. Remind about it.

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