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Diagnosis of the disease
Diagnosis of the disease

Childhood Depression: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

For a long time, neither the parents nor the doctors did not know about such a problem as a child’s depression. Adults tend to think that childhood – a time for carefree life and joy. In fact unformed personality disorders most susceptible.


The Clinical Picture

Children depression is no different to the one suffered by adults. That’s only because of the stereotypes we do not see, and all manifestations of “bad behavior” written off to moods, fatigue, lack of sleep, a slight cold. Most often it affects teenagers during the formation of personality. But scientifically proven that the violation of the mental state can be observed in children of all ages, including infancy. At each stage of maturation man is faced with various problems that are perceived and addressed differently.

Causes of childhood depression and diagnostics

Despite the care of parents and minimize the “harmful” environmental factors in children observed depression. Their reasons may be:

a weakened immune system caused by the flu or pneumonia complications;
constant stress or a particular stressful situation: excommunication from the nipples, a quarrel with peers, moving, new school, the loss of one or both parents, dysfunctional family;
seasonal depression, which manifests itself in the autumn and winter;
violation of the biochemical processes in the brain;
heredity or genetic predisposition.

Diagnosis of The Disease

Diagnose depression in children is very difficult, as the young patients can not accurately describe their condition. We urge parents to watch their child. If you have noticed the frequent change of mood, sleepiness, lethargy, unwillingness to participate in active games with their peers, isolation, aggression or anxiety, complaints of abdominal pain, nausea, refer to a psychologist for help, it’s alarming symptoms of depression.

Diagnosis of the disease
Diagnosis of the disease

Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Depression

Therapeutic measures of depression in children differ significantly from adults. First of all, you must define the external and internal factors triggering the disease. It is important to identify and eliminate the causes of depression associated with the situation in the family, kindergarten or school. In most cases, to cope with depression will help parents and peers. Explanation relations in the group, attention and care will relieve your child from the doldrums. If the depression lasted for a few weeks, you should see a doctor. Probably, the physician prescribed a course of antidepressants. Selection of the drug depends on the age of the patient, the nature and characteristics of the disease organism.

Preventive measures include the timely explanation of changes in thinking and body, candid communication on topics, participation in the life of a child. Parents need to win baby, to be his best friend, who always advise, and will not scold. The most important prevention – a sincere love and care!

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