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Enterprise 2.0
Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0

6 reasons why progress is great with small steps

Enterprise 2.0
Enterprise 2.0

Think big contexts is not stupid. But sometimes one simply what is possible next.

Enterprise 2.0 is a case in point: Social Intranets, wikis, networks will eventually connect once all employees in the company. Purely technologically therefore seems most essential to dare to think big.

However, the real challenge begins with the people – persuade them to commit to stand behind it and get involved. I experience again and again that it depends on the detail work. From the state I can think of six reasons see why it is a good idea, Wiki, Blogs & Co. introduced in small steps and do not want to take the same big name. Here they are:

Clear value proposition rather than revolution.

What and where exactly do users something of Enterprise 2.0? A careful analysis of usage scenarios help to narrow that actually work. Then also clear what kind solution actually fits them. Technical solutions should always be upgradeable. But a partial solution is the better approach that yields active response – in realistic and from the beginning. Better compared to a confusing overall product with orphaned functions or areas.

Grassroot is better than centrally.

Where it says 2.0, active employees are in it – or nothing. Distributed teams that are driving Enterprise 2.0 punctually provide success stories, yes “quick wins”, with which you can make school. Pure Top-Bottom initiatives usually need more enforcement power, as the management is willing to spend.

Beware of the announcement of the event.

Especially when the company’s employees already many systems and changes have come and go. Against the collective shrug only helps the deed and success – and a communication strategy that deliberately sets itself apart through their choice of means of prior experience.

Enterprise 2.0 must gain confidence.

Users have to see that the new is reliable and does not hinder – on the contrary. Especially if they are to this ad cherished systems. It is therefore worth in reliability, performance, and usability of social investing tools on the intranet – even if the very large solution can come later.

The internal policy dodge.

The smaller the project, the lower the risk that it becomes a pawn when areas and decision makers compete. Thus, the focus remains on the real factor.

Gain experience.

Partial solutions with clear cut give users a chance to try, without overwhelming them. On the other hand, the initiators can analyze calmly about how users acquire the platform, which benefit scenarios arise and draw conclusions for the further development and strategy.

So far so good with this post – today I consider myself short. But what about your experience with the introduction of Enterprise 2.0? Maybe it was quite different from you?

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