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Go to the iPhone to Android Photo, Music, Video
Go to the iPhone to Android Photo, Music, Video

Go to the iPhone to Android: Photo, Music, Video

We continue our series of posts about the transition from iPhone to Android. In this article we will talk about the transfer of pictures, video and music. Loss of personal photo archive or clips on important family events can be a real tragedy, so this issue should be taken very seriously. The good news is that Google has already taken care of this transition, and released a few applications that allow you to do it without any problems.

Go to the iPhone to Android Photo, Music, Video
Go to the iPhone to Android Photo, Music, Video

Photos and videos

First of all, you need to install on the iPhone or iPad, with which you want to transfer photos, the app Google+.

  1. Download the application for this link .
  2. Open and enter the details of your account Google. If you are a user of any service of this company, it is you already have. Otherwise, it will need to create.
  3. After authorization in the application, we immediately offered to include the photos in a cloud start-up. What we need – we agree.

Now it remains only to wait a bit. After some time, depending on the size of your photo archive, all of your pictures will flood into the cloud Google+. If suddenly the Google+ app did not offer to upload photos to the cloud, so you need to enable this feature yourself. Go to the “Menu”, click on the icon and select the gears tab “Camera and photos.” Here, click on the “Start-up” and turn the slider.

After that, you must enable its new smartphone running Android, tied to the same account Google, open standard application “Photo” and ensure that its contents are synchronized with the cloud Google+. This happens automatically and does not require the user taking any action.

In the same way can be transferred and video. The only problem is the amount of free space in your Google Drive. Google is free allocates each user to store files up to 15 GB. Therefore, if you are using a standard data plan, the transfer is very large video files will fail.

Please also note that Google when placed on its servers photos at resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes, it does not take into account the size of your disk quota. Thus, if your shots fit into these constraints, they can download as much as necessary. If the resolution is greater than the above, you have to fit into the allocated gigabytes or more to buy more for the money.

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