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Hamburger Navigation
Hamburger Navigation

Hamburger Navigation

In web design we have often dealing with very floral and stimulating the imagination terms. The name Breadcrumb navigation breadcrumb or German, for example, goes back to “Hansel and Gretel” by the Brothers Grimm. Interestingly, Hansel and Gretel just with bread crumbs no success (in the story they are eaten by animals). Only when using pebbles are both successful and make it such a lasting mark their way home.

Hamburger Navigation
Hamburger Navigation

Or let’s take the Cover Flow (these animated picture galleries, which could be seen three years ago everywhere) or the Doormat navigation , which was named after doormats and not least the famous (index) tab navigation in many websites.

Of course there are countless more examples. One might wonder why so many expressive terms can be found just in the field of web navigation. Well, honestly, I know it, no answer. Maybe it is because web navigation is particularly abstract and difficult to grasp?

In any case, there is a new concept in web design beautiful scene and of course he has again to do with navigation: navigation Hamburger – or in English: Burger navigation .

With Burger navigation , the three lines are meant to be seen today in some smartphone applications and especially on mobile websites. Jordan Moore end of 2012, a long and rather detailed article on this written: The Semantic Responsive Navicon . Navicon is another definition of art. An icon for website navigation, a Navigationsicon, a Navicon up.

In his article, Moore lists existing alternatives: a small grid, a Zahnrat, a plus sign, a small arrow and so on. In his opinion, all visualizations are the three strokes inferior when it comes to suggest a hidden navigation.

Since the three-line navigation, sorry – the burger navigation – seems to spread quickly, it looks as if Jordan Moore right. To me it should be legal. I think the metaphor succeeded and comprehensible. My only problem with the thing: I have to think of burgers all the time. Hamburg. With cheese and lots of BACON!

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