How to remove your number from iMessage

How to remove your number from iMessage

How to remove your number from iMessage

For several years, the former iPhone users complained that after the change of the smartphone on Android or Windows Phone, they could not receive SMS from subscribers who are still using the device with iOS. As it later turned out, the problem is that Apple continues to send them messages through the service iMessage . As a result, these SMS do not reach, of course, to the recipient. And recently, the company has released a utility that allows you to untie your number from iMessage, even if you have not already done so before the change of platform.

How to remove your number from iMessage

How to remove your number from iMessage

In the transition from iOS to another operating system must take care of the preservation and transfer of personal data, including contacts, photos, calendar information, bookmarks. We have devoted to this process several articles ( 1 , 2 , 3 ), with which you can move on Android without any losses. But apart from that, we should not forget about otvyazki number of iMessage.

You can do this in two ways. If the phone is still with you, everything is very simple. Go to Settings – Messages . Here it is necessary to move the slider «iMessage» inactive. After this, your number immediately removed from the database service iMessage.

If you do not already have access to your old iPhone, then you need to go on a special page of the site of Apple, which will help to decouple the number of iMessage remotely.

Here, you must first select a country from the dropdown list and then enter your phone number. After that, your phone will receive a message with a six-digit code to be entered on the same page in the «Confirmation code» below.

Now it is necessary to press «Submit» and wait a few seconds. If you enter the correct password from the message number is deleted from the database iMessage, and you’ll be able to receive SMS.

As you can see, the problem disappears with SMS proved very easy. Now all messages will be delivered exactly your address regardless of which device they went.

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