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How to Use Live Tiles in Windows Phone Sites
How to Use Live Tiles in Windows Phone Sites

How to Use Live Tiles in Windows Phone Sites

Modern smartphones is difficult to imagine without sustainable access to the worldwide web. Moreover, the mobile gadgets are gradually becoming the main devices by which we get the news, check the mail, communicate in social networks, read articles on the site, and perform many other actions. Windows Phone developers noted this trend and provided quick access to favorite sites using live tiles. Attach links to websites on the desktop Windows Phone could before, but before the release of version 8.1, they were only a static screenshot of the page icon or in the case of large size tiles. Now the tiles can be truly alive and display site updates.

How to Use Live Tiles in Windows Phone Sites
How to Use Live Tiles in Windows Phone Sites

To add a tile of selected resources on the desktop, perform the following steps.

1. Start the Internet Explorer.
2. Open the desired site.
3. Click on the button with three dots in the lower right corner of the browser window and in the menu that appears, select “On desktop”.

After that, on the desktop of your device will be live tiles, which in the slideshow can be displayed announcements of material you are interested in the site. It, like the other tiles Windows Phone, can have three standard sizes. The smallest displays only static icon site, the average alternates images with titles of articles on a homogeneous background and, finally, the biggest shows previews of pages with the title of the article.

That way you’ll always know about the news site without having to open each time the browser and rummaging in his tabs. However, the experiment with this feature, you will see that not all sites support it. To live tiles could automatically in the background to receive information from a web page, its creator must provide the opportunity to add a few lines of text in the html-code. The easiest way to do this using a special constructor represented by Microsoft. Please note that thus created the tile will operate on mobile devices running Windows Phone, as well as on desktops running Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

Site supporting this technology is not much, which is encouraging, among them. So add our tiles on the desktop of your smartphone and be always aware of the latest updates on our website.

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