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MobX 2013 Design for Google Glass
MobX 2013 Design for Google Glass

MobX 2013: Design for Google Glass

On 13 September in Berlin, the third Mobile Experience Design Conference held (“MobX 2013 ‘). Ten English-speaking world experts gave lectures on topics such as multi-device design challenges, Designing for Windows 8, Android’s Design Principles, Responsive Design, Designing apps for BlackBerry, Enterprise Mobility, Designing for Google Glass, accessibility, and many more.

MobX 2013 Design for Google Glass
MobX 2013 Design for Google Glass

Certainly, a large conference highlight was the opportunity to marvel at the infamous Google Glass glasses on the spot. For very many conference attendees, it was a special experience times to have the high-tech spectacles on his nose. You can really conclusively assessed Google Glass for a brief moment, but do not. Only when one has lived weeks, months or more with this device and apps installed, which are also a kind of personal importance, you will be better able to decide on the sense and nonsense.

But fundamentally it is necessary to certify Google Glass already: yes, it works – and yes, it looks a bit odd with it. But if any man shall bear once an object in the face, it will no longer appear too new, of course. Who now remembers remember how we used to chuckle about people who have carried around strange mini wireless phones with them?

It was also interesting to have platform-specific local experts who spoke each view about the merits of a smartphone operating system from the user interface. Thus conference participants were able to directly assess are the differences and similarities between it BlackBerry, Windows 8, Android or iOS smartphones.

After the conference , most participants stayed long spot to talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere continue to establish new relationships or to maintain existing contacts.

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