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Pinterest - Learn from what Enterprise 2.0
Pinterest - Learn from what Enterprise 2.0

Pinterest – Learn from what Enterprise 2.0

There are success stories, from which one can learn anything because they are simply too special. Pinterest for example, the new rising star among the networks. A community whose members post pictures on a virtual whiteboard and paper to tell the network: I like that! That’s what I want! Therefore loves me!

Why grow this network so impressive? Bookmarking – something we yawn but for years. Bubble, they call already. But why is the trend to restrict so – users can do what they on Pinterest can not also on Facebook (and even much more)? Somehow, all this is not really new, what’s happening here.

Pinterest - Learn from what Enterprise 2.0
Pinterest – Learn from what Enterprise 2.0

Some give the allegedly revolutionary design fault. But this should not be the whole truth, for timeline-free zones existed before. And anyway, why no one talks about Pinterests copycats ?

But whatever and however. It would be nice but even if your employees would be your new Enterprise Wiki or collaboration platform as actively accept, or if you could at least half as glamorous drum up to its own community your customers like this Pinterest.

And yes, yes, I think we can learn something about success factors for Communities and Enterprise 2.0 build-up in business here in fact. So here my 6 Enterprise 2.0-Pins, with learning from Pinterest:

Pin # 1: Pinterest makes a clear offer to the motivation of its users

Posting pictures so that you are loved! Facebook pages of companies also have their fans, however, often quite alone with the question of why they should get involved there. Also an Enterprise Wiki is doomed to failure if it is only on employees to share their knowledge only for the sake of corporate success.

Learning: Even the altruistic employees or fan wants a tangible offer that pays on his personal success account!

Pin # 2: On Pinterest I know immediately what I must do – and especially how

Everyone knows what a bulletin board. The rest, the specific objective of options is explained by joining in of itself. Even a wiki, an activity stream, a collaboration platform in the enterprise should not remain an empty platform, but must set users’ activities clearly. Just comment or write a post is too little. What exactly should I do? The answer users find most easily in pre-patterned loose groups or areas with a clear objective and concrete proposals, such as the individual user can contribute.

Project groups with an unfinished structure, but with a clear purpose are a good example, which (especially after decision afraid discussions with all key internal stakeholders amazingly popular) does not open, empty wiki that will somehow promote knowledge within the company, on the other hand.

Pin # 3: Pinterest does not require unnecessary decisions

New Users options do not have to conquer, but to focus on what is already there to be its main activity: exploring and sharing. Friends subscribe without assistance, and even those who are not coming in through Facebook, automatically follow other users and pin boards – solely for his first exploratory clicks.

Lesson for Business: The better the integration of Enterprise 2.0 platforms, the greater the spread of activities and content, and the more active the community.

Pin # 4: Pinterest makes clear how the rules are

Good mood spread, be creative, acknowledge the contribution of others. This is not, of course, any more than the question of whether right-hand or left-hand traffic prevails in a country.

A good community moderation needs little words for the expectations of the behavior of its members.

Pin # 5: Share speaks not just all but very special user to

The point is to inspire others to create beautiful things, and there are even specific proposals : Weddings are planning to decorate your home, favorite recipes. It’s roughly about lifestyle and attitude, and that brings apparently especially in women a string to vibrate. And where are the men? To stay in the cliché on Pinterest there are now and auto pin-boards and rich men .

Companies can learn from the fact that it is always better with a precise target group instead of starting with “all”. I experience again and again that it is difficult for managers to limit themselves. But the truth is, “all” just not rare “no”.

Pin # 6: Pinterest offers a user experience that fits the target group

That is the point functions and interface design. In short, the retro metaphor of the pinboard no mere marketing, but the guiding principle, according to which the functions and layout are tapered on one central purpose (see Pin # 1) for Pinterest. This is obviously not the target group only at the beginning a little quaint, no, she feels and her concern with each additional click even confirmed and encouraged.

Like ambitious new developments will start a few companies, but mostly there is indeed a choice of different tools which pursue a similar goal. And here there is no truth that applies to all users and environments. An exchange of experiences, for example, take place both on a forum and a wiki or in an activity stream. The user experience is very different, however, in each case, and companies are well advised to use the tools to evaluate before – either together with the announced users.

Pinterest is you still have to specially order to learn from it? Or you notice a spontaneous or something else? Pin it simple here – down – down .

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