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Methods of Treatment
Methods of Treatment

Pulmonary Edema: Causes and Treatments

Such disease as pulmonary edema goes pretty hard and can even lead to death. This disease affects a person, since there is a shortage in the lungs sero-hemorrhagic fluid.


Nowadays isolated membranogenny and hydrostatic pulmonary edema. These diseases have differences, which are primarily concerned with their origin.

Pulmonary edema cause various diseases, so experts distinguish toxic cardiac or pulmonary edema.

The causes of the disease

Perhaps the main cause of pulmonary edema is poor circulation or destruction of certain vessels. Pulmonary edema often affects people suffering from various diseases, which also lead to asthma. Among these diseases should be allocated heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and many others. With all these ailments swelling goes severe and accompanied by cardiac asthma.

If we talk about toxic edema, it can be caused by excessive use of alcohol poisoning by various toxins, uremia or liver coma.

Membranogenny pulmonary edema occurs due to capillary damage that may occur as a result of different diseases.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Because the symptoms of the disease develop fairly quickly, the disease can be diagnosed immediately after the examination of the patient. It is important to make a quick decision and help the patient to avoid the numerous attacks, otherwise people will just die from lack of air. Pulmonary edema often unexpectedly at night, when a person is asleep, or day during strenuous exercise. Very often the first symptoms manifest themselves by a simple cough, wheezing, and change the color of the face. When pulmonary edema patient begins to feel shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing can be heard in the lungs. When you cough or light pink stands out phlegm. In serious condition, this foam and comes in through your nose. Traditional symptoms can add also such as cold sweat, or swelling of the veins in the neck.

Eventually attack develops, while in the lungs of the patient are observed rales, which are accompanied by a weak or no breath its absence. It should also be noted that in pulmonary edema characteristic pulse frequency of 160 beats per minute, and it increases the blood pressure, the level may be very different depending on the degree of disease.

When toxic pulmonary edema are common symptoms may be supplemented burn the upper respiratory tract, or coma.

Methods of Treatment
Methods of Treatment

Methods of treatment

Pulmonary edema is very important first-aid, which comprises the following steps:

  • You must make sure that the patient is in a sitting or semi-sitting position.
  • Possible to save people from mucus in the airways.
  • In the case of increasing the pressure, it is necessary to make the procedure of bloodletting.
  • With pulmonary edema necessarily need to pass an alcohol inhalation.
  • Person suffering from pulmonary edema must apply a tourniquet to his feet, at least for half an hour or an hour.
  • Conduct oxygen therapy, namely to introduce oxygen using oxygen mask.

In the case of hospitalization he immediately introduce cardiac glycosides and conduct phlebotomy procedure, of course, if it had not before. After first aid should improve the patient’s condition, then you need to proceed directly to the treatment of pulmonary edema, which in the first place, should be aimed at addressing the causes of the disease.

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the flow of blood to the lungs, for that specialists prescribe special medicines that have a positive effect on the heart, reduces the process of vascular resistance. Besides, for the treatment of pulmonary edema is necessary to a range of actions, primarily in order to strengthen the capillary membrane and to provide a reliable supply of oxygen to the blood. It is important that the patient was in a normal emotional state, otherwise the probability of attack increases. To do this, it is best to assign the patient sedatives, which also reduce blood flow to the lungs, a positive effect on the heart, shortness of breath, and so eliminate

As a rule, among the various drugs, many doctors prefer to morphine, which is well proven as it is in the treatment of pulmonary edema. This drug must be entered in the vein of a patient and in most cases this will be enough to get rid of edema.

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