Quick Check – Design Tool Scale Preview

Quick Check - Design Tool Scale Preview

Quick Check – Design Tool Scale Preview

Who designed the designer Mobile for iOS an app for the iPhone or iPad, the whole thing gets after a short time pleasure also times on the corresponding display to display. Normally imported via iTunes, the screens on the corresponding device and can be accessed from the photo album on it.

Quick Check - Design Tool Scale Preview

Quick Check – Design Tool Scale Preview

Actually also feasible, but quite uncomfortable when you quickly want to make small changes in order to assess their impact.

A very elegant solution because the app Scale Preview of the house. With this app for Mac and matching free iOS app scale view you can send in real time its design from Mac to iPhone / iPad and verify the design.

The whole thing only works over WiFi, both devices must therefore simultaneously on the same network. Then just launch the app scale Preview (Mac) and scale View (iPhone / iPad) and drag a screen or asset on the scale the preview window. Even the screen appears loss-less on the connected display. This is particularly useful since the normal procedure via iPhoto always an often disturbing automatic compression of images is added, you can not prevent it.

Will be able to establish a remote connection to an external device via the built in Photoshop function possible. But you should at least use Photoshop CS5 – version 12.0.4 be on the road in 64-bit mode. All others must secure the PSD (or jpg, png, etc …) until manually redraw in the Preview window each time, so that the screen is updated on the device. But that would also survive.


The app is easy to use and offers the Preview function also a simulation for different color contrasts. Thus, it is possible to see the design as it would see people with defective color vision. Several devices can be controlled simultaneously. For the price of $ 4.99 definitely a worthwhile tool.

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