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Success Factors - Remixed
Success Factors - Remixed

Success Factors – Remixed (Part 2)

4 typical social business driver (part 2)

Success Factors - Remixed
Success Factors – Remixed

Recipes are good, but the outcome determine the people who implement them. In this two-part article focuses on typical social business drivers, their strengths and about what might help them.

In the first episode of my little personal driver typology I have already presented two copies. Today the makers and the pragmatists their turn.

Type 3 – The makers of “real time is a killer feature.”

Just get started and then do it – the maker does not have a lot of rags, but of course the sweat and steam cooking. It is, for example, the boss who prefers to let his people on social tools yesterday than today and talking very fast about individual feature requirements.

One of the strengths of the makers: they motivate others and fight suddenly the team. If things go well, so begins a dynamic heap on their own account to brainstorm and produced a concept – nothing Sophisticated perhaps, but at least a start point located on the tool question before answering.

The maker weak side

The “Here am-I-going-and” -Dynamics is the big plus of the maker, at the same time but also its Achilles heel. For his calculus often works with to small values ​​when it comes to the participation of other colleagues in networks and wikis. And it would have been best in the conception phase in the same boat.

Recently I had a conversation partner, for example, the first only so sparkled with confidence. Then I said, now propose a workshop to refine use cases. The reaction was immediate – and contrite: “In the current project pressure? No-go. This would probably rather than self-employment over. ”

The example indicates: Multitasking is a very typical mode of this driver type. For the Enterprise 2.0 project that means: It is for makers sometimes only a means to an end, a project among many, a firecracker in a full-length pyrotechnic happening.

Makers as a challenge

However, the organizers, it takes a lot of persuasion, they agree on a methodical, sustained effort. Your early commitment to the tools or features involves the risk that discussions fall on the wooden path – far more important goals and success factors.

General motivation is misplaced at bookmakers. The bookmaker accepts only specific arguments, that enhance the social business “Module” from his general plan over the other points of its agenda. It requires proof that bring in his eyes too small or too laborious steps real benefit. Some makers need someone they met that they need to pick up future users and commitment beyond the moment determines the success and failure.

What the makers really helps

A good track record with the team or the area of ​​the makers to recognize it seems most promising to me. Main role in it: a planned, coherent methodology.

Type 4 – pragmatist: “Pros and Cons Agreed? “

There are also strong methodological under the drivers actually based on the matter. They have perfected this property, for example, in a career in development or in the legal department. They weigh different aspects against each other and have to transfer them at the same time in the genes into practical experimental arrangements. To take ride properly, they lack in particular specialized knowledge and marketing skills.

With pragmatists to success

Risks for pragmatists-driven projects consist mainly of external factors: Available budget and resources, guidelines from the company’s internal policies. This can be especially weak point of the pragmatist come into play: to be blind trust in arguments. Depending on the organization by whom he depends, he would do well to be in addition to also network or to ally with seller talents. Otherwise, the pragmatist enough to help themselves: special know-how, which he can acquire efficient, best practices, and arguments – methodically unassailable – studies.


The introduction of communication and collaboration using social technologies requires comprehensive answers in the company. But that wikis, networking groups or working spaces really live, they need teams, regions or communities which they adapt to their own, very specific purposes. Each of these applications has its own more or less large social business project – with its own management, own moderation and Enabling own agenda.

To this decentralized applications, it goes into my work again, at a central location. Milestones consist in considering them as precisely as possible to assess how mature they are a “project” and to identify risks and opportunities. On this basis, it is only a small step to a fruitful approach by which the owners can drive their projects.

Mir is the order important benefit is the key. The contribution to corporate objectives is meant by that, but also the benefits to the daily work of individual users. The tool decision comes in second place – and any chance of it after (yes, is meant) to take the clarification of application scenarios influence is to be used.

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