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4 typical social business driver
4 typical social business driver

Success Factors – Remixed (Part 1)

4 typical social business driver (part 1)

4 typical social business driver
4 typical social business driver

Methods, checklists, the knowledge about success factors are a good thing, but one thing they can not, guarantee results. There are people who the social business build: Teams, lone, executives. It’s also about communication and cooperation, and so it stands to reason that the personal approach of this driver contributes to project success. For me, as a consultant, it is certainly always impressive how important it is to pick up these initiators individually.

But how exactly?

For this short two-parter I have all my courage together to simplify and come at the end of exactly 4 types of actors with different approaches, namely on the following questions:

Who are the people who want to bring with social software changes in their team or their area, and why they act the way they do it?
What are their strengths, what risks they face?
And above all, what helps them to progress effectively?
From this I cobbled my little personal driver typology. Here and now I start with episode 1: Getting Started with the intuitive and the analysts.

Type 1 – The intuitive: “Business is a Game is a business.”

Intuitive know what they want and they expect a lot. It’s about the customer, they belong to a generation , the other living room and Facebook is in its mother’s milk was somehow the idea of how can social tools for the business function. In general, they do not think much of the separation of home and work, so it guarantees confuse some bosses. The techies among them bring so shiny iPad screens effortlessly in line of work processes.

Even social business initiators in international locations I would count to this type. The internal communication culture dictates here the competition; Stimulus word for a certain minimum standard digital is “Employer Attractiveness”.

Charm always acts

When Enabling put Intuitive prefer to gaudy charm of the marketing box. Outside Facebooks born counterparts – they should give it at all – must succumb to this. Concerns they have none, but some of them can express their sense of responsibility. Overall, no wonder that Intuitive word get butterflies in my stomach.

Intuitive advance

For many Intuitive marketing talent is the only budget that they have. Quite a few are with their social issue beyond the organizational structures and cash flows of the road, in favorable cases they (still) a preferential access to top decision-makers. But also helps them until something when they can give concrete answers to the question of the benefits of their Enterprise 2.0 project.

Maybe this will help play money?

For although the intuitive feel themselves in the value contribution of social business, their cost-benefit analysis is often generic, similar to a kind with SlideShare. Say their ideas to the conditions in the company, the motivation and willingness of employees less affinity and interaction with processes or value could sharpening tolerated.

Can you advise an intuitive, so you sit on the hat of the sponsor, drilled vigorously and then developed jointly by a resilient business plan for the project.

Type 2 – Analyst: “We must. Be better. “

Analysts Enterprise 2.0 from a great height – one might think: there’s a enthusiasm in it. May be true, but there are also those of the same species, for which it is falling height. So, as they ask their questions, the project has hardly, for example because the organizational conditions are not right chances of success or later users. It is certain that before the launch of the cultural change must have taken place.

The two seemingly contradictory viewpoints belong to the same coin: Analysts are perfectionists. They usually know the models of the relevant literature, but do it in many ways hard to match on with the business reality.

So I would work with analysts

Analysts come from the strategy department or a boss they recognized as earned and experienced staff on the topic. Proceed very carefully. Sophisticated concepts with vision are most likely to find in them. If, however, meet lump messages of salvation from social media evangelists with their claim, threatens real danger for the project: overload objectives and further project scope. At the end of the project increased because of the lack of resources or, worse, because they underestimate achievements and sell poorly.

Water dispenser instead strategy sky

So stupid as it sounds, analysts helps you to see the obvious and make a step at a time. You need a change of perspective, through practice. A good start are working groups together with a representative cross-section of other colleagues, moderated by experts. There they will learn the very real opportunities for the design of social business applications in the workplace recognize – and appreciate. One thing is certain: Social Business Use Cases wait rather closest water dispenser as in heaven strategy.

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