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The Angels Must Have Voice
The Angels Must Have Voice

The Angels Must Have Voice

Have you ever wondered about how to charm his companion that he enjoyed your voice and listened to you with awe? In past centuries, often fatal beauty and are not as beautiful as they are described interlocutors, and the portraits is not clear that they were supermodels.

The Angels Must Have Voice

The Angels Must Have Voice

At the same time, their contemporaries necessarily mentioned that these women a voice was so charming that they enthusiastically listened to the great kings and generals severe.

The tone is more important sense

Psychologists say that the meaning of words is more important is how we said them. There are studies showing that in every speech – whether it’s a conversation face to face or public appearance in front of a mass of people, words convey only 7% of the data, 38 – 55% of the vote and accounts for bodily movement.

The listener, whether male or female, to listen carefully to the person with a low tone of voice, which is called insinuating or “velvet”.

Those who speak very quietly, forcing others to listen to their words, people get tired of it very quickly. “Loudspeakers” sometimes even break the cry that has arisen around his person nervous, uncomfortable atmosphere. This indicates that pleasant voice should be clear and clean, moderately loud.


From any person can make an outstanding speaker. To do this, there are many courses. However, before you sign up for classes in the art of conversation or acting, you should first take steps to improve the self-sounding voice:

Working out the correct posture – it is a guarantee of deep breathing. Sound is born in the diaphragm, so hunched back, drooping shoulders and bent neck unlikely to give your voice sound good. To work on it must be discarded head back, shoulders and lift up a little laid back, the back should be straight;

Try to get enough sleep, it will provide vigor and ability to concentrate. If you do not get enough sleep, the voice becomes hoarse, monotonous and sluggish;

Protect the throat to keep her voice cold. Return voice clarity and relieve pain in the throat to help rinse herbs, special irrigation sprays, pills and lozenges. They are made from natural herbal ingredients that have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

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