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The Design Studio Method
The Design Studio Method

The Design Studio Method

As a design studio is a place not only known, but to look at the User Experience world also quite a popular way of initial, rough interaction concepts from different angles and collaboratively create.

The Design Studio Method
The Design Studio Method

In the design studio method several small groups work out possible solutions to previously described tasks. Such tasks can for example be: users should register on the site and have the ability to upload a profile picture , or within the application user should be able to create and save your own notes .

Tasks resulting from scenarios, use cases and features derived release. If there are not enough features prior to a created product (website, app or other software) to sufficiently describe a brainstorming phase can gather together features at the beginning of the design studio serve.

If you use personas in the project, so this is a good opportunity suitable to the particular scenario personas in design studio workshop use.

In the design studio method is not about to create finished design, but rather quickly generate initial ideas and to examine them together as a team. Furthermore, a fundamental understanding of the project is mediated – one of the reasons why as many project participants in the design studio workshop should participate.

Working with pen and paper to create a level as possible working conditions for all. Results are recorded photographically.

In the design studio following three phases are carried out:

To Present
One iteration

Often the first iteration starts with a silent character work (sketching). Each doodles possible ideas and solutions on paper. As you sketch it comes to quickly present a few thoughts in order to present them in the future. You should go to town in no case or stand with details. Therefore, the phase is also limited to 5 minutes.

After drawing work each presenting his ideas and explains how the approaches presented previously described use cases and features meet. Each presentation will immediately criticized constructively by all present. Overall, this phase will not last much longer than 5 minutes also.

Iteration and the following two

After the first iteration, all workshop participants form small groups and work from there on in teams on. Each iteration begins with a sketch and re-presentation of possible solutions. Of course, taking into account the previously obtained in the critique phase feedback. Each team shall designate a spokesperson to or presenting the elaborated in the following presentation phases approaches and concepts. After a short presentation is again a critique phase to which everyone is invited to contribute constructively.

As in any creative environment, it is also in the design studio specifically allowed each other to encourage and accept ideas from others. Also, it is desirable to have as colorful and multi-disciplinary teams. It should be flat not purely a design workshop, but all stakeholders are invited to participate and contribute their ideas. Design studios can make internal or agency with clients.

As already described is what the design studio method therefore, in the shortest time taken to generate many ideas and rough concepts and validate in the group. These are painted on paper with pen – without bulky computer or complicated software. Of course, everyone thinks first, that he or she can not draw. This fear can be very easily by a short drawing exercise overcome. The workshop leader can sketch out, for example, a few stick figures and ask all of these trace itself – or it can just show how various user interface elements could draw. Basically, everything can be represented adequately with boxes, circles, lines and arrows.

In the Design Studio Method A very important tool is a clock, or rather a stopwatch. As I said, it’s all about generating a lot of design and interaction concepts in the form of very crude drawings in a very short time. The workshop leader should the time so always keep an eye on and promote one iteration after another gently but firmly. A well-placed lunch break can serve a little to catch and gather new strength. After lunch, I will return iteration to iteration continues. Gradually, all listed at the beginning of the workshop day features are processed.

All’s well that ends well

The Design Studio ends, how many days of workshops, with a summary view, view of the steps and now a small thank you to everyone involved.

It is possible that within a design studio day several hundred sketches are produced. This depends, among other things, the number of participants. Of these, of course, many ideas only small stones on the way to the goal. So one should not feel obligated to have to cancel all created things. A good photo documentation and labeling of the different interaction concepts helps but certainly in the next few days to continue working with the amount of material.

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