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The HbbTV Portal for QVC Germany
The HbbTV Portal for QVC Germany

The HbbTV Portal for QVC Germany

Just in time for IFA 2011 in Berlin, the HbbTV portal is QVC Germany has been put into operation. Thanks to a unique solution of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions QVC customers can select on their HbbTV-enabled TV already broadcast product videos and watch from now on.

The HbbTV Portal for QVC Germany
The HbbTV Portal for QVC Germany

We have taken this to an opportunity to ask the project manager in charge of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, Daniel Fabry for a short interview and to explain to us the portal a bit more detail.
What really stands HbbTV?

HbbTV is unite for Hybrid Broadband TV, devices that the Internet and television. This HbbTV is often described as better Teletext ‘that is not only faster, but also interactive, thanks to the Internet.
And where can I find the HbbTV Portal QVC?

HbbTV-capable television sets or the use of HbbTV-capable SAT receiver simply select one of the two channels QVC QVC or Plus and then press the “Red Button” on the remote control.

And then? What can I do there as a spectator then?

QVC is sent daily live and now can viewers who have ever miss a TV program or are looking for a particular product or the current day’s range, easily watch on their remote control promptly individual product videos, which were presented in the live program. Also to be found in the QVC HbbTV library for each host a presentation video. The videos are a matter of course TV quality.

What was so special about the project with QVC for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions?

So far we have implemented for QVC live streaming on the Internet and on mobile devices, and so we have first of all, very pleased to be able to pick up on this project and has already existed for years of working with QVC to a new level.

The HbbTV portal has been realized by us under enormous time pressure within a few weeks. Now draw a recording system on the live program on QVC and extracted via automated interfaces each product videos, that is all automated and runs the editorial effort for QVC is equal to zero. The categories of the portal QVC be filled by the hour, so that the audience really has access to timely already introduced products.

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