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Whether Juices are Harmful
Whether Juices are Harmful

Whether Juices are Harmful?

Everyone knows that health is very useful and fresh fruit, as well as derived from them drinks. However, there are times when the juices are harmful to the body. There juices, which are useful for diabetes, and there are those which can be harmful.

Whether Juices are Harmful
Whether Juices are Harmful

Recovered Juices

All grocery stores have a wide choice of juice drinks. Bright labels and try to “inspire” that inside these bottles and packages is enriched with vitamins juice. However, each of us understands that the quality of these products cannot be called ideal. Nevertheless, we constantly tell ourselves that if we eat nectar (even if not the best quality), then our body will get a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

First of all, it should be noted that the juice exhibited on the shelves in the stores, usually “restored” from concentrate. That is, the juice concentrate is diluted with water to the desired consistency. Thus, a liquid with an odor of fruit. Concentrated juices obtained by removal of the “real” juice significant portion of the liquid. In factories concentrate is diluted with water and then pasteurized, i.e. heated to a sufficient temperature to prevent the propagation of hazardous microorganisms. Although harm juices created from concentrates, not very big, benefit from them almost none. Note that due to high temperature are destroyed manipulation minerals and vitamins.

Fresh Juices

Natural juice contains a lot of vitamins, but if used improperly, it can harm health. The main thing is the quality of the fruit from which it was created. After all, they must be free “Gniltsy” fresh and well washed. Otherwise, you can pick up parasites, intestinal or stomach infection, upset stomach, and so on.

In addition, fresh nectar should be drunk immediately after preparation. Otherwise it will quickly lose vitamins.

You should also take into account the underlying disease and susceptibility to allergies. For example, apple and orange juices raise the acidity in the stomach. If you suffer illness gastrointestinal tract, they should be consumed in limited quantities and with great care. Pineapple, grape and lemon nectars badly affect the condition of the teeth. Carrot and cherry nectar raise blood sugar. So if you are a diabetic, you should not be drinking. Watermelon nectar is contraindicated in heart ailments. Pumpkin causes diarrhea. This is not an exhaustive list of contraindications in natural juices.

Finally I want to say again that the nectar can harm only in the case of incorrect use. But in general they give the body a lot of vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the immune system and preserve health.

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