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Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

To maintain a presence on Facebook is the future significantly more effort to companies. Semi-open, half concealed Facebook has changed important conditions for the interaction of brands with Facebook users in the course of its F8 developer conference last week. However, the new Facebook remodeled to not only perform certain functions, but also opens up an entirely equal fundamentally new chapter in the strategy of the network. Companies will have to reorient.

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

This partially before the developer conference F8 active features have very direct consequences for the practice:

Lose 1) Likes

Like many others, and the interaction of corporate messages sides lose visibility. Instead the message stream, users can find the most like button as well as comments or new albums photos in the new Ticker – because if he just observations and which his attention is not distracted by noise there other messages.

If there are users who are actually interested in what make your own friends with the brand so they’ll have to go on the corporate side. There they find a corresponding overview on a specially created tab. Only Likes coming from the Internet, land remains on the wall of the users.

2) The news-feed disadvantage

Also in the central news-feed brands will have a harder time. Facebook’s algorithm weighted content there now stronger after the interests of the user – and have friends in the flesh a clear advantage. Even images that set them appear larger than the Company.

3) Advertising is exclusive

The new Facebook will offer less space for advertising companies. Instead of four banners, there are now only two that remain for visible when scrolling. Prominent and scarce – so can only really expensive advertising.

4) New Apps

Existing apps will continue to function, but may need to be revised in many cases. Companies are faced with the decision to do that immediately or to wait for the launch of the new social apps. The latter opens up new opportunities because their messages are integrated prominently in the profiles of the users.

5) Timeline for companies & Co.

More changes are still speculation about a more flexible representation of the personalized Sponsored Stories, an adapted to the new user timeline layout for company profiles.

Stepchild Advertising

Marketing and Advertising on Facebook is so difficult. Some site operators are already complaining about severe traffic losses . Why this step-motherly treatment?

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

The first reason for this is quite simple: the social network itself is not compatible with advertising and marketing, as we know so far. Facebook uses this knowledge into practice consistently. Because advertising is now ensconced in truth similarly unpopular among users of social networks, such as the interaction with brands . What will remain of advertising, are more sharply targeted offers, for which Facebook continuously at its honing algorithms and catches up with the appropriate functions and direct feedback from the members.

The second reason goes deeper and is related to the central announcement at the developer conference F8 together – the newly modeled Open Graph and social apps. The adopted with these new path indicated namely out that advertising will ever be only one element among many of Facebook’s refinancing in the coming years.

“Listen song by band <3 <3 <3”

Why are the Open Graph and Social Apps so important? Functionally, we can send Facebook users with the Social Apps our network soon largely automatic continuous signals about our activities. Thanks to new pre-punched verbs, the message is no longer just “brand ^ _ ^ I like”, but “reading recovery news on online portal@”, “Listen song by band <3 <3 <3” “Eat frozen pizza from the supplier ***” or a little later just even “Buy Gadget !!! Manufacturer of $$$ “.

Sounds trite, all that. But to press everyday activities in authority, as it intends Facebook, also creates a completely new censorious of what Facebook users really want or do. Robert Basic makes Facebook therefore already on the way to the biggest semantics machine in the world.

Facebook as a semantic engine

Other perceptive analysts continue the spin and predict that Facebook continues strength to become the monopoly market research, trend oracle, business consultants and even the mighty rating agency. Anyway: Facebook could become an organization that is best about the living conditions, preferences, motives and aspirations of millions of users across all social groups and nations around the world knows. If Facebook is riddled with it (and currently speaks little about it), it may, on that basis indefinitely develop business models such use or to external applications through appropriate interfaces – always better than the competition.

Therefore, the strategy-cosmos of Facebook waits a fundamentally new role at the company. As advertisers are interesting but crucial is the question of what authentic contribution they contribute to the Facebook experience of users. And the medium they are becoming increasingly important as consumers and (junior) partner of future business models. Their focus is then not turn to marketing and communication in the network, but on services around data provided by the users.

The future network

To take this strategy to succeed, must Facebook future network above all else: a barrier-free as possible comfort room full of social stimuli in the relaxed more and more users come from and have to do less and less for it. It’s clear that this paradigm must also submit brands.

What conclusions should consider companies that want to get involved in the short and medium term on the new Facebook?

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

Why Companies need to invest more on The New Facebook

1) Time to act

Relevant and creative content have always been important, but without it, nothing works now. Users need to get strong motivations come of his own accord to the company website, because messages in the News Feed into the background. In the social media apps houses have a clear advantage. Companies need to think Reproduction total – no new advice, but it is now time to really act.

2) Intelligent Social Apps

The Social Apps open up new possibilities. Here, Facebook is even needing intelligent company contributions. The reflex to create a brand app is close to sure, but success will only have who offers users outstanding added value. Especially in Germany you should also also a good case for why it picks up with the apps which data the user.

3) Verbs are life

The new verbs – they are closely linked to social apps together: The possibility also describe relations verbs forcing companies to think about what they want to use verbs for their target groups. So far, companies had to bring the people to their brand to “like” – now the trend is to move people to social activities, made possible by the brand.

Google – what was there?

Perhaps Finally, a word on Google+.

In comparison to Facebook’s search engine the Group’s social network affects all benevolence since last week, more like a dignified office workplace. Much of the equipment is still missing, but what you see is still not enough for my view that Google is still a lot to be expected. It will turn out that Google+ is currently the pragmatic choice is mainly for the collaboration and B2B relationships – or as some say, for my interests network.

The new Facebook, however, has strengthened its focus on End-Consumer again. It speaks of especially the younger generations, who are traveling with and in many media and want to maintain their digital social Me more or less vegetative (i.e., with little text and uncomfortable detours).

Depending on what goals a Company is moving and where its partners in the network (commonly known as: target groups) does, it will probably have to drive two tracks for the foreseeable future. The presence in the search and app-world of Google on the one hand and in the vegetative interactivity cosmos of Facebook will turn out very differently in each case.

One thing is certain: Social networks are changing the role and the occurrence of the company in the future even more than we want to imagine it so far. More investments are needed – especially in the form of new ideas.

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